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Setaş was founded in 1966 as a producer and representative agency of dye and chemicals for textiles and leather industries.

By 1987 Setaş had advanced on its research and begun disperse dye production.

In 1989 Setaş ceased to be a representative agency for other companies and focused on its own production.

1997 saw the first production of print pastes for cellulose fibers and acid and metal complex dyes for polyamide fibers.

In 2002 Setaş became the first and only Turkish member of ETAD (The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers), a distinguished organization of world' s most prominent dye producers that work on human health and environmental protection. All prominent organizations had been active in those areas with the sense of protecting our common future.

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Address :  Çerkezköy Organize San. Bölgesi İsmet Paşa Mah. 2.sok. No:7 9520 Kapaklı / Tekirdağ / Türkiye
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